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leader's Speech

leader's Speechthe First brand of weak cable in China,28 years Professional manufacturing experience!

Last year, facing the continued weaknessof the market and fierce competition of the industry, Tiancheng people actively adapt to the trend of the times, stick to the traditional industries to protect the market by making stock, committed to the transformation and extension of the market to do an incremental and accomplished pleasing overall achievement. Tiancheng brand visibility and influence in the industry are  further improved; The friendly relationship between the enterprises and customers is consolidated and enhanced. In the new project introduction and cooperation integration, Tiancheng people firmed big confidence to write a glorious chapter for the opening of the Group transition.

In 2014, Tiancheng smart home was award to "Top 10 domestic brand" by industry media, the technology which  based on ZigBee one unit type air conditioner controller "was awarded the Innovation Award of Internet of Things in 2014 "; Tiancheng also won "the Top 10 Chinese industry market comprehensive wiring " and other honors; Through promoting the deepening of reform and performance management, expanding new market and foreign trade , so that the management sublimates during the innovation; Zhongheng intelligent information port which represents the western center and business intelligence center ,and  bulit by Tiancheng independently , has been successfully completed, and accomplished attract investment. As the governing units of Chinese decoration industry associations , managing director of the China construction enterprises Association, the governing unit of China building Association  intelligent building branch, vice director of the China Public Security Products Association, etc , The connection between Tiancheng and industry organizations is increasingly close; Distinctive Tiancheng enterprise cultural attraction condensing more and more talents to join Tiancheng to and make unremitting efforts for third industrial transformation . Tiancheng intelligent transformation has made a solid pace.

2015, is the key year that Tiancheng people is creating transformation dream and sailing the ocean. Establishing Tiancheng Research Institute for independent research and development road, entering the overseas market, expanding the E-business channel, cable products and engineering pipeline installation and pipeline third-party cloud service platform etc...All these introduction of the new project are the new target for all Tiancheng people.

At the same time, we also see: in 2015 government has launched stock market driven economy increasing and adopt a series of measures, the economy will rebound in the bottom, So we have to establish the thought of "order is the king ", strengthen confidence, comply with the market, uphold the principle creed"God helps those who help themselves, honesty is the best policy" . We are based on security cable and integrated wiring,focus on intelligent products, programs and operations management , and strive to do a good job in building intelligent pipeline cloud platform service,  to create more and more lasting value for customers and play a biggest role for  construction of smart city.

Still a long way to go, we have to work hard.Tiancheng people is willing to work together with our customers and friends for win-win in future!

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