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Culturethe First brand of weak cable in China,28 years Professional manufacturing experience!

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  1. TC concept: God helps those who help themselves,integrity-based

  2. Enterprise purpose: Enhance staff, achieve career, return home and country

  3. Corporate goals: creating first-class talent and brand, maintain domestic weak electric cable industry leader position; focus on intelligent products, programs, operation and construction intelligent cloud service platform.

  4. Enterprise spirit: unremitting pursuit without Limits

  5. Corporate responsibility: Patriotic consumption, industry for country

  6. Employment concept: not the best, but the right, the right is the best

  7. Business philosophy: everyone is the boss, everyone can succeed (production and sales contract system, senior management stock system)

  8. Business positioning: high quality, moderate price, first-class service

  9. Management principles: mobilize the staff's potential as the main line,  system restraint  behavior as a supplementary means.

  10. Enterprise values: people-oriented, harmonious development, sharing of results,  benefit for society

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