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Strategythe First brand of weak cable in China,28 years Professional manufacturing experience!

Development of strategic objectives
Based on traditional industries, add internet extend the industrial chain, the implementation of product and application programs, project operation and maintenance.
Under service online and offline the integration of operating system for the company. The future will focus on building intelligent, do better for cloud platforms and services, on the one hand, to create first-class production line in domestic about online intelligent manufacturing field, take the road of technological innovation and international cooperation for development, actively involved in the new areas of optical wafer, while under cultivation and improve the distribution of the country's outstanding line technical support, maintenance services team. On the other hand, focus on building intelligent building cloud platform online, based on independent application-oriented research and development, to provide cover for the smart home industry customers, enterprise cloud, pipeline engineering, intelligence community, intelligent building system integration and hardware and software development and system integrators to provide systematic and real estate services.
Based on reality and look to the future, Tiancheng unite all people to work together, forge ahead, endless, determined to build a century enterprises, and international.


Industrial transformation strategy
To build future industry span and depth to building intelligent transformation. Horizontally, the traditional industry as the basis for further expansion and development of intelligent home, enterprise cloud, IP broadcasting, intelligence community and other intelligent transformation of new products, goods and services by a systematic approach to the application, operation and maintenance services change; the longitudinal direction, with both industrial customers as the basis, to dig deep integration with customer demand, conversion of industrial relations Tiancheng and the customer, so that Tiancheng and extends from traditional industries to operators, service extends to strengthen strength of enterprises, create a century Tiancheng provide powerful industrial security.


Talent Strategy
First, give full play to all the people of Tiancheng career passion and entrepreneurial enthusiasm, and actively absorb the transformation of the Group needed to Tiancheng external talent to create Tiancheng Albert.
Second Tiancheng new intelligent operation of the project, to take project system ownership structure, equity investments and Option Incentive combination, in which the technology class, administrative class executives for the company's shareholders can develop new projects, in order to establish a personal interests and the fate of a combination of community, so that companies and employees to share the fruits of development.
Third, adjust the personnel structure, focusing on the introduction of platform architecture, embedded systems development, high-end talent APP developers, UI design, system operation and maintenance, electricity suppliers and other aspects, and gradually younger, collection personnel, and promote the process of building Tiancheng Intelligent Building Platform .


Capital strategy

The next decade is the decade of the capital market, industry of Tiancheng listed companies, respectively. Listed by doing industrial layout, integration, hardware and software product line rich Tiancheng, Tiancheng has become so intelligent manufacturing, enterprise-class applications.


Innovation strategy

First, people-oriented, technology-first, continuous innovation, advance with the times.

Second, based on the existing resources, focus on customer needs, the potential for mining enterprises to extend the value chain and industrial chain, industrial transformation do first addition, subtraction do, continue to enhance corporate value, customer value and employee value.

Third, introducing the Internet thinking, accelerate the pace of the transition process. Tiancheng traditional industries to further enhance their competitiveness. Transition newly established business intelligence, IT companies will fully draw on the management and operation, and establish a support system applied research projects, driven by innovative thinking and projects, constantly seeking transformation application development in the software and hardware product development, Internet and mobile Internet system, exploratory breakthrough user experience, O2O application innovation, business models and other aspects of the project.

Fourth, take the road of integrated marketing efforts to build an integrated online and offline, intelligent terminal system integration, multi-level, multi-faceted, intelligent service platform, to provide closer services.

Fifth, enhancing the interaction between customers and the industry, mining and continued to guide its new demands, with new technologies and new competitive advantages, with the formation of interdependence, cooperation and development of relations.

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