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Shanghai Tiancheng Communication Technology Co.,Ltd.

Trust our over 26 years' experience

ISO-compliant | UL, RoHS and REACH marks | OEM/ODM services

Operating since 2002
Shanghai Tiancheng Communication Technology Co. Ltd was established in 2002. We belong to TC Smart System Group, which is committed to intelligent building of wiring products, IP network audio and video broadcast products, wiring harness products, light device product R&D, designing and manufacturing.
Specialized in Network Cabling Broadband Products
We are located in Songjiang Industrial Park. At present, we are not only a one of the leading industries in R&D, production and testing equipment, but also we are built with high-end equipment research and development laboratory. At the same time, we have years of experience in network cable broadband products development, production and management of professional personnel.
Holding More than 10 Years of Experience
With 10 years of trials and hardships, we, through the unremitting efforts and pursuit of all employees, achieved many honors, and have become one of the industry leaders. In various fields, we created numerous works of classic models, high-grade projects and higher shares, such as the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games main venue - the National Stadium, or the bird's nest, the Olympic Village, "TC Smart System Group", and have become the mainstream brands of weak electricity cabling in local areas.

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