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Historythe First brand of weak cable in China,28 years Professional manufacturing experience!

  • August

    1st,  the president goes to Baiwei company to instruct the product research and development.

  • July

    30th, Communication company passed the project preparation query of the Zhangjiang Special Projects Development Fund.

    29th-30th, President Xu attends the first meeting of China Security Association Entrepreneur Club.

    28th, President Xu attends the meeting of boards of directors and supervisors of Yangzhou Agricultural and Commercial Bank at Jiangsu Company multi-functional room.

    27 July-1 August, 23 people from Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Xinjiang Business Units attended the Baiwei 2nd Term training of smart home in Chengdu. 

  • June

    29th, The 2nd Term introduction and training of Tiancheng smart home is held in Chengdu. Director Wu and Technical Manager from Baiwei lectured the training. Business Units from countrywide and agents attend the training.

    28th -29th, Zhang Hongling from the TLC Certification came to inspect Jiangsu Company at site. The inspection is successfully completed.

    26th-27th, President Xu, Director Qian from Jiangsu company, General Engineer Zhao Wanfu attend the preparatory conference of China weak current cable industry ally at Ningbo.

    26th General Manager Zhu, Director Li from the Communication company attend Tiancheng Smart Systems Group 2015 customer care meeting in Guangzhou. 

    24th, General Manager Zhu attended Shanghai Intelligent Building Association first plenary meeting of the second term.

    15th, Communication company’s new dust-free workshop for the jumper wire entered into production.

    13th, Shanghai Songjiang Part held the table tennis friendship match, President lead the team to join the contest.

    12th, Director Yong from the communication company, Director She from Sales company attended Tiancheng 20115 customer care meeting at Xi’an.

    12th, President Xu, Director Cheng from the institute, Li from the conduit and wiring company attend the Tiancheng 20115 customer care meeting at Shanghai.

    11th, General Manger Zhu, Direct Zhou of the electronic business unit attend Alibaba 2015 Hu connect, commnunication and internet merchants festival.

    10th,  Project approval conference is held in Songjiang industrial park. President Xu, General Manager Zhu, Director Yong, Li of communication company, Director Cheng and institute staff attend the meeting.

    5th, In Sichuan Economy and Information Committee【2015】336 file, Chengdu Baiwei Electronic Development Co., Ltd is recognized as software company.

    5th, Director Qian of Jiangsu company, Director Wu of Baiwei company attend Tiancheng 2015 customer care meeting in Zhengzhou.

    3rd, Chengdu high-tech Zone Environment Protection Bureau routine inspect Zhongheng company. 

  • May

    28th, Tiancheng 2015 customer care meeting is successfully held in Chengdu..

    26th, In Sichuan Economy and Information Committee【2015】336 file, Chengdu Baiwei Electronic Development Co.,Ltd is recognized as one of the companies meeting the requirements of national software industry promoting policy.

    22nd, Cat5e, (Cat6) module PCB semi-automatic folding machine entered into production, which is designed,developed and commissioned by Communication company production department.

    20th, Sichuan Anyue County Secretary Xu Zhixun and other leaders inspect Songjiang industrial park. They are received by Director Zhu.

    19th, Sichuan grain and oil technical test center representatives inspect the Chengdu information port project in Zhongheng company.

    14th, President Xu, Direct Qian of Jiangsu company, Director Yong of Communication company, Director She of sales company, Director Cheng of research institute go to Canada for inspection.

    13th, Vice Secretary and Chairman of Union of China Railway No.2 Engineering Group come to introduce decoration plan for Chengdu Smart Information Port .

    12th, Communication company production department fabricate the testing fixture for the 1-20 of the jumper wire and put it into production.  

    10th, Jiangsu Company and other companies establish the Chinese Security Cable and Wire Industry Ally. The first meeting was held in Beijing, discussing ‘Chinese Security Cable and Wire Ally Rules’.

    9th, Zhongheng company, Baiwei company and Chengdu Branch organize teams to join the ‘Interesting Hi-Tech, happy accompany’ fun games, obtained the excellent award.

    4th, Director Zhu and Communication company management receive guests of Chongqing commercial association.

    3rd, President leads a team to Jinan to discuss acquiring company.

  • April

    23rd, President Xu receives the managements of Zhengzhou Yongwei Estate Management Co.,Ltd at headquarter.

    22nd, Communication company successfully hold the 2015 suppliers meeting.

    22nd, President Xu attends International Intelligent Building Exhibition Shanghai and Asia and Pacific Intelligent Building Forum-Selection of intelligent technology publications outstanding papers and gives the award presentation.

    18th, Zhengzhou Konita Group management come to visit Chengdu Zhongheng

    18th, President meets Korean optical wafer company management for inspection at headquarter.

    15th, Chengdu Zhongheng company attends the Chengdu Security Exhibition.

    15th, A group led by Director Lin Taifeng of Shanghai Keey Group come to inspect headquarter and received by Director Zhu.

    14th, President Xu and Director Zhu meet the Songjiang Development and Reform Commission officials and cloud project review experts.

    13th, President Xu and Director Zhu meet the leaders of Vimicro Electronic Corporation.

    11th-14th , Jiangsu and Communication company attend Hong Kong Electronic Exhibition.

    11th, President meets leaders of TQ Systems Shanghai Co., Ltd

    10th -11th, Chengdu Zhongheng is successfully certified by CCIC Sichuan Company Quality / environmental management system

    10th, Communication company audio division successfully hold the internal crowd funding.

    8th, Communication company is accepted as ‘Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant(Cultivate) Enterprise’.

    3rd, Songjiang Distric Chief Qin Jian leads a group to inspect and instruct Songjiang Commercial Park. They are received by President Xu.

    1st, Xiamen Wan’an Smart Company Southwest Area General Manager Wu leads a group to visit Chengdu Zhongheng Company.

  • March

    18th, President Xu, Director Zhu meetsan inspection team from Greenland Group to discuss cooperation

    13th, Xinjiang Shihezi high-tech Zone officials come to Baiwei Company for visit and instruction.

    10th, Qiyun company move into Songjiang industrial park to work.

    5th, Communication company establish the audio division and issue share to internal employees.


  • February

    27th February- 2nd March, Group 2015 spring marketing meeting is held in Jiangsu Company.

    10th, primary 3680 sets of smart home products are supplied to Tongliao Jiahe Huijingwan project.

    7th, Songjiang industrial park hold 2015 Spring annual meeting.

    5th, Communication company is accepted as science and technology little giant.

  • January

    30th, Sichuan Demei Enginnering Technology Co.,Ltd signed the first house purchasing contract with Chengdu Intelligent Information Port.

    29th, Chengdu Intelligent Information Port project is registered by Civil Affairs Bureau as ‘Chengdu Intelligent Information Industry Park’ .

    27th, Shanghai Highwit Engineering Co.,Ltd delegation are received by President Xu and Director Zhu at Songjiang industrial park.

    1st, President Xu Liping is entitle of Baiwei Company General Manager.

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