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MerchantsThe leading brand of Chinese weak current cable industry with 28-year experience in manufacturing!

Welcome to join us!

Tiancheng Smart System Group- The diligent is rewarded and honest and integrity is the base!

Developing industry in the time of intelligence

The trend product controlled with a smart phone

Multi-state intelligent installation and modification superior products for the conference room, art museum, house, smart comunity etc.

Short building period, less working hours, suitable for new or old installation of intelligent product, low investment, high return industry!

Our Chengdu base instructors offer thorough training of your smart home team for design, CAD drawings, positioning, installation, commissioning intelligent products.

Our professional business operation team offer practical experience of smart home industry!

intelligent conference hall

smart audio and video hall

telecom business hall smart home display room

Shanghai Dongguan business office smart home project

Shanghai Meilanhu House Project

huge market!

Design and plan smart home, smart CAD drawings, smart positioning, installation, commissioning thorough training! Professional instruction for smart business team!

Advanced and stable international smart home Zigbee network technology. Trend product in intelligent times!

Including smart lighting, curtain, electronic appliance, security, air conditioning, background music, door and lock control systems products!

Tiancheng Smart Systems 27 year reputation in cabling!

Tiancheng smart home business welcome your join and create future together!

Display room address: No. 618, Guangxing Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai

24hr telephone:18516151375 Liu Yang

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