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Tiancheng Smart Systems Group Chengdu Intelligent Information Port Office Investment Announcements

Tiancheng Smart Systems Group was established in 1988 (It was known as Tiancheng Cable Group formerly, was renamed as Tiancheng Smart Systems Group on 1. July, 2013). It is the only and largest domestic group enterprise engaged in a full range of low voltage cables, automotive wiring harness cable, integrated wiring and research and development of intelligent products , production, sales and engineering design and operating services which was firstly established and the most highly positioned.

  In order to realize the needs of industry layout in 2014, Tiancheng Smart Systems Group invested huge amounts of money to create "Chengdu Intelligent Information Port" project in Chengdu National High Technology Development Zone (West), hoping to work together with industry elites in these areas of intelligence, Internet, cloud computing, public security and relevant upstream and downstream enterprises, integrating product research and development, design, sales, construction, supervision to realize the information exchange between enterprises, resource sharing, complementary products, achieve the goal of developing the western intelligent market jointly.

One: Project Area Advantage

The project is located in the “Chengdu west high-tech zone science and technology business center", the center is Chengdu electronic information industry base of National Torch Plan , is the first business theme modern industrial park of science and technology in chengdu. Intel, Motorola, Corelle, Sumitomo, Al Carter, Siemens, Foxconn and other 262 world top 500 enterprises have settled in Chengdu. The project is adjacent to the five core roads, from Tianhe road station of the subway on line 2, Baicao road station for walk of 10 minutes, from the city center, airport, railway station about 20 minutes; University, China international business district, China Poly business district, Huarun Plaza, Longhu times street, Xipu delicacy and west china hospital branch are close to left and right sides, which provides the omni-directional security in transportation, talents for the enterprise supply, leisure, entertainment, health care, etc.


Two: Project Characteristics

In order to meet the requirements of modern commercial low carbon office, strive to build Intelligent and Green Ecological Super Grade A office environment, which is equipped with high-end business clubs,  video network conference center, multimedia training room, fitness center, coffee business facilities. At the same time, providing the settled enterprises with "technical training, technical services, photography production, communication services, financial services, operational guidance, policy, deputy, product display, training base" and other one-stop services to make the enterprises achieve the greater competitive advantage and promote the rapid development of enterprises..


Three: Policy Traction

In 2012, the state put forward the important decision of "relying on key economic zone and strive to bulid  Chengdu, Chongqing, Xian, Nanning and other inland open economy highlands” to the western development strategy during the "Twelfth Five-Year" period , give the supporting policies of great strength ; On 2. October, 2014, according to the national "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", and "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" initial research plan, the state council agreed to set up the largest sichuan tianfu new area which has the biggest development potential in western, to strive to build a inland open economy highland, appropriate industry, appropriate business , livable city, modern accumulation area of high-end industries, integrated urban and rural development demonstration area; In 2014, the Chengdu high-tech zone promulgated the "some policies of promoting three entrepreneurial support strategic emerging industry enterprises to speed up the development”, the passed policies are supporting the deep transformation of enterprises, supporting enterprises to expand market, supporting enterprises to be bigger and stronger, and supporting enterprises to reduce the financing cost etc , Chengdu high-tech zone takes out at least 1 billion financial subsidies every year, gives the settled enterprises the huge rewards (subsidy) between 50000 and 10 million, promotes strategic emerging industry enterprises to expand scale, to speed up the development, endeavors to build world-class high-tech park.


Four: Project Benefits

Tiancheng Smart Systems Group will give a 3% discount to the customer of a one-time payment for sincerely inviting new and old customers in industry to settle. All settled enterprises enjoy the part derate of property management fees, parking fees, and are allowed to use the Product Exhibition Center of 2000 square meters free of charge , also be provided the"five-star" value services all the way, realizing the dream of thriving enterprise mutually. The project will be completed on 30. Sept, 2016, Tiancheng Smart Systems Group warmly welcomes customers to Chengdu intelligent information port to invest and develop a win-win situation.

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